The "Avengers Assemble" Next Month, With Brian Michael Bendis And Mark Bagley

By Danica Davidson

We all know The Avengers will be hitting theaters soon, but that’s not the only Avengers goodness that’s going on. The new series Avengers Assemble will be debuting from Marvel next month.

The series is being written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Mark Bagley. While there will be some links to the upcoming movie, the comic series and the film won’t be one in the same.

Bendis said it’s going to be a great series for both long time fans and newbies. “First of all, you just try to write it well,” he said about bridging the gap between writing for dedicated fans as well as new readers. He said it was also easy to engage in the characters from where they all are in their respective stories.

Part of his job in writing this was not getting weighed down in every little detail, but still giving enough information to tell what needs to be told. “Give the information that’s necessary to tell the story.”

He also told a little bit about what we can expect. In the first issue, we’ll be introduced to a brand new Zodiac. Who they are and how they got their powers will reveal itself over time and they’ll be a huge threat to the Avengers. He also said that there will be guest appearances from other important Marvel characters throughout the series that should hopefully excite readers.

How did Bagley learn about the exciting new project? “I got a phone call,” he said, a little anti-climatically. It was Bendis teasing him about some great new project but not telling him what it was. But when Bagley learned the details of Avengers Assemble, he said it sounded great.

“Everything I draw is frickin’ awesome,” he joked about his art for the series.

Bendis also likes to rub in the fact he’s already seen the movie while most of us are still waiting.

“It really is quite amazing,” he said about the film, adding that he thinks it’s the best work director Joss Whedon has done. He’d been holding his breath and was relieved to see the end result. “It’s fantastic.”

Check out some covers and interior art for Avengers Assemble below!

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