MouseRugs: The Classiest Mouse Pads Money Can Buy

I honestly haven't used a mouse pad in years as my optical mouse does just fine on most surfaces, but after seeing these classy MouseRugs I'm starting to think it might be time to finally treat my optical rodent to a nicer pointing surface.

The official MouseRugs website has a ton of different styles available, including everything from traditional southwest designs to classic Persian styles that will match the rug in your house. Each pad is made of millions of individual nylon micro-fibers that provide “the most beautiful and comfortable mousing surface on the planet.” There are even some more wild designs like the Tibetan Tiger and ZebraHerd Zoom seen below.

To make sure each MouseRug looks just right, FiberLok photographs and scans real-world rugs as the starting point for their design. If one of the original rugs has a defect the MouseRug will too, which adds a real sense of authenticity to the final result.

Other great MouseRug creations include MouseRug / CoasterRug sets that pair a mouse pad with a matching drink coaster so you'll have the nicest desk around. Obviously there are not as many of these sets as there are individual MouseRugs, but its a very cool idea nonetheless.

MouseRugs cost about $20 each while the MouseRug / CoasterRug sets come in at about $25. You can find some over at Firebox, though the official website has many more designs to choose from.

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