Get A Look At These 'Secret World of Arrietty' Clips

The Walt Disney Company, who are releasing the Studio Ghibli feature The Secret World of Arrietty here in the U.S. later this month has sent along a few clips to give you a preview of the film. We've got more information about the movie as well as those new clips after the break.

Featuring a script by Hayao Miyazaki himself with Hiromasa Yonebayashi in the director's seat for the first time (he's worked in the animation department since Princess Mononoke, though), it's the studio's most recent foray into adapting Western fiction (right off hand I can recall Howl's Moving Castle and Tales of Earthsea as adaptations of English-language works).

In this case, Ghibli is working from Mary Norton's The Borrowers, this being the fourth adaptation of Norton's work with a fifth on the way from the BBC. There must be something about teeny tiny people that inspire filmmakers.

On a separate note, it's interesting to watch the push that Arrietty is getting here in the States from Disney, who've been distributing Ghibli titles domestically for a while now. While they've never dumped any title and given some of the more recent releases pretty moderate-profile roll-outs to theaters and very nice home video campaigns, it seems like there's more effort still to get this movie in front of U.S. viewers.

The Secret World of Arrietty will be in U.S. theaters February 17, 2012

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