Gymbot Personal Trainer Will Whip You Into Shape 27/7

Pixar's Wall-E envisioned a future where humans have become increasingly fat and lazy, choosing to ride around in hover chairs instead of walking to and from their destination. The Gymbot Personal Trainer concept you see above is Massimo Battaglia's proposed solution to our increasingly flabby future.

More of a robotic drill sergeant than a personal trainer, the Gymbot would constantly hound us to do push-ups, go for a jog or just be active in general. The 'bot could also make sure we're doing exercises correctly as it's articulated joints allow it to precisely mimic human movements to set an example. 3D and thermal cameras behind the lens let it keep an eye on us at all times and a directional microphone would monitor our heart rate to ensure we're not over-worked.

Gymbot would also feature sensors that allow it to calculate our body fat index (because we all love hearing that) and the interactive touch screen on its chest would let users choose which exercises they want to do while keeping track of day-to-day performance.

Obviously this is just an idea for now, but how do you feel about having a robotic personal trainer? Do you think a robot following you around 24/7 would provide more motivation to live a healthy lifestyle, or would you just get sick of Gymbot's nagging and flip the 'off' switch? Share your thoughts by dropping a line in the comments section below!


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