Teen Titans Annual #1 Kicks Off DC’s Teen Crossover

DC’s The Source blog revealed this morning the TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1, the first of the oversized Annual format to be published since the relaunch last September. Written by TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY writer Scott Lobdell and LEGION LOST scribe Tom Defalco, with art by TEEN TITANS illustrator Brett Booth, the issue kicks off a summer crossover between the DC’s three premiere teen books and will set the stage for Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill’s RAVAGERS series.

The annual promises to weave together plots in the works since the first issues of TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY, and LEGION LOST, “[pitting] the heroes against one another in a chamber of horrors far beneath the surface of Antarctica.”

“We finally get to see the oft-mentioned Colony – where the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. leader named Harvest has been keeping the hundred or so teenagers (did I say hundred?!) for who-knows-how-long,” Lobdell told The Source. “We get to see the Teen Titans in pitched battle against the Legion Lost (You can understand why Red Robin is skeptical about a team of teenagers claiming to come from the 30th Century, and why Tyroc is scratching his head over the existence of a team that – according to the history progs – is still some eight years away from being formed!).”

The writer went on to praise the artistic team on the book, as well as his co-writer, DeFalco. “We’re both honored that we’re being entrusted with the first chapter of a story that is going to give birth to the new RAVAGERS series by Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill, and not only because it is bound to be the most talked about new series of 2012!” Lobdell raved. “It’s also because this is the best part of the DCNu, creators and characters coming together on myriad titles to create some really awesome comic stories!””

The Annual hits stores in May, and the story continues in SUPERBOY #9, LEGION LOST #9, TEEN TITANS #9 and THE RAVAGERS #1. With DC describing this as launching “the first set of giant-sized annuals” in the New 52, expect other upcoming crossovers to receive similarly oversized books.

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