Privateer Press Rolls out New Warmachine Products

Warmachine fans, prepare to go big or go home. The biggest news out of Privateer Press lately has been the announcement of Warmachine: Colossals, the next planned expansion book and set of miniatures. As the name suggests, this range of minis will focus on super-heavy warjacks with nearly twice the height of today's tallest models, all mounted on large 120mm bases.

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Each faction in the game will receive its own "colossal" model, as well as new warcasters that will bring forth the third incarnations of some of Warmachine's most iconic characters. The new rules in the Warmachine: Colossals book will focus on tweaking their existing "Unbound" for large-scale games of 150 points or more.

©2002-2012 Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Cygnar and Khador logos are trademarks of Privateer Press Inc.

All of these new products will release in July 2012, but for gamers not content to wait, there is another range of minis hitting store shelves this week. New releases for the Warmachine and Hordes games this week will include the Archidon Heavy Warbeast, Aspis Light Warjack, Battle Mechanik Officer, and Ally Kayazy Eliminator Unit

Privateer Press also posted a video preview of its upcoming Iron Kingdoms RPG. In the video, lead writer Douglas Seacat and creative director Ed Bourelle describe how the Iron Kingdoms RPG allows players to take a behind-the-scenes look at the setting of the Warmachine miniatures combat game, a unique fantasy realm on the verge of industrial revolution.

Development manager David "DC" Carl then goes into detail on how the Iron Kingdoms RPG rules were created with the intent of easy transition from the Warmachine and Hordes games. The systems use similar stats, a life spiral, and a 2D6+character stat combat system.

The Iron Kingdoms RPG is planned as an initial series of four books, and will hit store shelves later this summer.