Yet Another Star Wars Volkswagen Superbowl Ad!!

Ok so as many of you may know, I'm not necessarily the biggest football fanatic. I mean I'm originally from Los Angeles and they haven't had a team in years! I had to dodge several Superbowl party invites and ended up at a local bar with some friends, drinking wine and watching the game. I played Words With Friends during the game and eagerly awaited the commercials. Remember last year when there was that amazing VW commercial with the kid Darth Vader? And once again, thanks to Lucasfilm and Volkswagen, I was NOT disappointed! Step aside, Madonna!

Ok, I mean how FRAKKING cute is that dog in the latest commercial? And shame on that owner for letting that sweet precious angel get overweight like that in the first place!

This commercial made the game for me and how real is that cantina scene??? LOVE IT.

Ok and now I'm super pumped for Phantom Menace 3D coming out this Friday!!! woo hoo!

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