MTV Geek Exclusive: Panthro and Mumm-Ra Join Mezco Toyz' ThunderCats Line!

"Ancient Spirits of Evil...transform this decayed form--to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"

Remember that incredible Mega-Scale Lion-O from Mezco Toyz we premiered a while back? Mezco Toyz released two versions of the ThunderCats' fearless leader (one regular and an SDCC version with an alternate head and glowing eyes) in 2011. Well, it looks like he's scored both an archenemy AND an ally with two new releases in Mezco's ThunderCats line! Panthro and Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living are large and in charge-- but are still in the final phases of development. Luckily, MTV Geek and Mezco Toyz are bringing you an exclusive first look at the two new figures and the processes involved in creating them.

Read on for the full photo-centric story:

In theses first photos, Jean St. Jean sculpts the Panthro protoype. These figures, like Lion-O, are based on their looks in the classic animated series. They are NOT based on the vintage LJN figures, which look like lumps of coal compared to these mammoth 14" tall warriors!

Mumm-Ra is resembling a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure in this unpainted test shot. Doesn't he seem happy? Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living will be released in the first part of 2012.

Here, Painter Brandy Anderson does what she does best and lays down the gorgeous coloring for the Mumm-Ra figure.

Here you can see Pierre Kalenzaga doing Mumm-Ra's bidding by inspecting his cloth cape. Along with the cape, the figure will also feature cloth bandages!

Panthro's head looks pissed that it's not on the body! Speaking of, the Mega-Scale ThunderCats will feature up to 10 points of articulation each. Panthro will also come equipped with his cat-paw nunchuckus!

After all is said and done, Mezco artist Mike Gorilla Pasqale checks the scale to make sure Panthro is up to Snarf snuff. Panthro will be released later in 2012 to give Lion-O a little backup in his fight against Mumm-Ra! While no exact price has been set for Panthro, the Mumm-Ra figure is on pre-order on the Mezco Store here for $40.00.

The next photo was snapped just before being told not to. Therefore, it's too late! What you see being cradled like an infant by Mezco's Damien Glonek is possibly Mezco's July SDCC ThunderCats exclusive! Can you guess who it is?

Thanks go out to Mezco Toyz for the exclusive look into their new ThunderCats figures. For more info on the line, ordering previous releases, and any news be sure to check Mezco's official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Mezco Toyz coverage from Toy Fair 2012!

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