Where's That Sound Coming From - Sonos Play:3

By Craig Goldstein

Like it or not, the Internet music revolution is here to stay. I think I can safely speak for all the hard working staffers at MTV Geek when I say, "Thank Goodness." That’s why when we come across devices such as the Play:3 speaker system from Sonos, it makes our jobs that much more enjoyable to do. If you are not familiar with the Sonos brand of products, they were one of the first companies to bring internet connected sound to your home. Their latest creation, Play:3 are a sleek and affordable way to enter into the brave new world of internet connected wireless sound.

Measuring 5 by 10.6 by 6.3 inches and weighing 5.7 pounds, the Sonos Play:3 offers great sound in a package no bigger than a shoe box. The Play:3 comes in two colors, black and white, so it can blend into any room in your house or dorm. Behind the sleek mesh grills house two mid-range drivers, and a twitter that can really handle some nice highs and some pretty decent amount of volume. On the back of the device is a bass radiator which although not ground shattering, can let you know its there and ready to rock. Located at the top of the speaker are three control buttons: Volume up, volume down and a mute button, simple yet effective.

Sonos products have always had a reputation for being easy to use and operate, this stays true for the Play:3. Installation is simple, once you find the spot for the Play:3 you plug it into a standard wall outlet, connect the speaker directly to your home router or the optional Sonos wireless bridge ($50) and fire it up. By adding the wireless bridge, you can easily expand the number of speakers to 16 so that every area of your home is covered.

One cool feature we loved was having the ability to control one or all of the speakers you own remotely via Mac, PC Android device and of course any iOS tablet or phone. The system was truly designed with the streaming music lover in mind. Once the hardware is installed and connected to your Wi-Fi setup, you can get tunes from some of the most popular music services on the interweb such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, SiriusXM and even good ole Napster. The software will allow you either sync up the same song to each of the speakers or you can to select what speaker gets what song or playlist, pretty sweet.

Now to the big question, how do they sound? Well simply put, they offer very clean sound with just enough bass to make sure you notice them. When you sync up two speakers in the same room you are pleasantly surprised by the sounds that come out of these small speakers. When compared to its larger and more expensive ($400) brother the Play:5, the difference was negligible and probably not worth the extra money. With the Sonos Play:3 you really do get what you pay for. At $300 per speaker, we think that Sonos lives up to their promise of delivering great sound, easy setup and future expandability at an affordable price. Sit back and enjoy the revolution.

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