Adventure Time, Kevin Keller, and Conan The Barbarian: New Comics For 2/8/12

Last week? Not the best week for comic books ever. This week? We’re having a hard time picking our lead, there’s so many great, exciting new books coming out. Let’s start with this one, then:

ADVENTURE TIME #1 finally hits from BOOM!, bringing the adventures of Finn the human, and Jake the dog to the four color format. It seems like a perfect fit, too, given the oddball, off kilter humor the show, and spectacular settings (and characters).

Probably just as anticipated, though for different reasons, is Archie’s KEVIN KELLER #1. The first ever gay supporting character from Archie gets his own ongoing title. And shockingly, other than, say, Batwoman over at DC, this is the only lead homosexual character at any of the major publishers. Rather than make any jokes, we’ll instead just do a slow clap for Archie, and hope the book runs for a long, long time.

Dark Horse also has a huge week, led by CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan. We’ve read the book, and it’s a fantastic debut by the team… Exciting, new reader friendly, and mysterious enough that we definitely want much more. Cloonan’s illustrations in particular are superb, and should create a whole host of Conan/Belit The Pirate Queen fan-fic paintings.

Another superb offering from Dark Horse this week? The tremendous graphic novel DOTTER OF HER FATHERS EYES, which parallels the real life relationship of James Joyce and his daughter with author Mary Talbot with her own father. It’s a heartbreaking book, gorgeously rendered by Bryan Talbot; and all the more beautiful in that it doesn’t have any easy answers… Sometimes, fathers and daughters have bad relationships, but they impact our lives anyway.

Okay, on to Marvel, who have clearly decided to release the hounds, with an insane amount of offerings in both the hardcover and floppy realm. We’ll concentrate on the latter, led by DEADPOOL #50, which finds the title character figuring out how to commit suicide, but in a funny way! If writer Daniel Way can pull this off, he’ll deserve a medal, and we hope he does.

Other offerings include CARNAGE USA #3, which is probably our favorite “dark” series from Marvel right now other than UNCANNY X-FORCE; PUNISHERMAX #22, which wraps up Jason Aaron’s monumental run, probably the best take on the character since Garth Ennis; and POWERS #8, which is just required reading for fans of comic books. That means you guys.

At DC, it’s a lighter week than usual, but we’ll be sure to check out BATGIRL #6, as writer Gail Simone finally seems to be getting a handle on the title, and making us love this “new” Barbara Gordon; BATWOMAN #6, because there’s not a single issue that isn’t a work of art; and GREEN LANTERN #6, because there may not be a more solidly reliable book from DC right now.

Lastly, we recommend checking out the excellent MEMORIAL #3 from IDW, because you’ll kick yourself later when all your friends pick up the trade for missing this new look at fairy tales. Meanwhile, over at Image, there’s SEVERED #7, the finale of one of the best mini-series of the (very young) year; and THIEF OF THIEVES #1, the highly anticipated debut from Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer. We hope it holds up to the hype!

Let us know what’s on your pull list in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week!

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