Assembling an Arsenal: Spy Monkey Creations' Armory Series 1 Review

Spy Monkey Creations Inc. is bringing an arsenal of new weaponry to your toy collections, specifically Masters of the Universe Classics! The company is no stranger to fans of MTV Geek or toy collectors thanks to their high-quality aftermarket weapons, and after temporarily shutting down their online operations, Spy Monkey is back and better than ever with a new line of Glyos-system based customizable swords, hammers, shields, and whatever your mind can think up! We were recently sent a review set of Spy Monkey's Armory Series 1 in the Bloodlust color-scheme, so we invited Hordak (evil despotic ruler of Etheria) over to gives his take on these new tools of the trade!

MTV Geek: Hello your Lordship... Majesty...errr, how would you prefer to be addressed, Hordak?

Hordak: *snort* Damn your eyes, feeble Earthling! I'd much rather have Leech drain the silly incompetence from your skull *snort* than be talked down to by a pale recluse like yourself!

Geek: Ah, this is going just as swimmingly as we figured it would! Well, we asked you here to weigh in on these weapons from Spy Monkey Creations. What are your initial thoughts?

Read on for more of what is sure to be a violent end for us all:

Hordak: These weapons are amazing! *snort* If only my minions weren't such incompentant fools, I would have had these much sooner and have beaten the Rebellion into submission! *snort*

Geek: Ooookay. Let's start things off by showing the 5 weapons in the Bloodlust set, followed by as many builds as we can come up with before Lord Hordak becomes bored and starts using these brutal instruments against us.-- We have a weak constitution.

Demon Sabre

Geek: This sword is made up of 3 separate parts and is a very striking piece. As you can see, the shape of the blade matches up very well with the Horde emblem and the handle fits tight in Hordak's grasp.

Hordak: How dare you assume how anything fits within my grasp! *snort* However, your guessing has proved correct in this instance. I can easily use this sword to cleave your dim-witted skull!

Falcon Sabre

Geek: Like the Demon Sabre, this Falcon Sabre has the shape of an outstretched wing--

Hordak: Yes, if that wing *snort* was made of razor-edged death!

Geek: --and is made up of 3 pieces as well. The constructable quality of these weapons inevitably allow turning of the guard and blade if used in play, but for the cool shelf posing that most collectors do, this shouldn't be much of a factor.

Master Blade

Geek: The Master Blade is our personal favorite of the swords--

Hordak: No one cares what you like! *snort*

Geek: --with it's straight blade and pommeled grip. The sword itself is made up of 6 pieces and we find it is surprisingly stiffer than the other blades when it comes to part rotation while being handled. Granted, this could vary from set to set. There is a snaking line running up the blade which appears to be an imperfection in the plastic, but it actually looks pretty cool.


Geek: When it comes to a truly great weapon, then look no further than the Dominar!

Hordak: Shut up, corporate shill! *snort* I'll handle this one! This hammer and axe combo is the perfect weapon when you need to crack open the skull of a magical, blonde-headed, moral-spewing, do-gooder! *snort*

Geek: Like Hordak said, this war axe is pretty impressive and is made up of 12 different parts. Even the inset skulls can be removed, and surprisingly enough are two different sculpts! Also, pieces like the skulls can be a slight struggle to remove if you're like us and bite your fingernails beyond the point of all usefulness.

War Shield

Geek: The final piece in the set is the War Shield. This has the same basic aesthetic as Spy Monkey's previously released Shield series, but now has the added bonus of being fully customizable.

Hordak: Spikes! *snort* That's all they need to know, fools!

Geek: Yes, there are spikes. Also, the handle for the shield has many other uses as you'll see in some of the upcoming build photos.

Hordak: Enough talk! Let's see what instruments of death I can create! *snort*

Hordak: *snort* Are you hungry Grizzlor?! I have your knuckle sandwich *snort* right here!

Hordak: Add a blade and a spike and *snort* it's "business time"!

Geek: a connector that comes packaged with the Master Blade plugs into the wrists of characters like Hordak, Trap-Jaw, and Roboto to allow for more weapon attachments.

Hordak: *snort* A character?!

Geek: Sorry.

Overall, the sets are made of extremely durable plastics, the pegs hold together tightly, and the customizing options are limited only by your imagination. Also, fans of Onell Design's Glyos line will be pleased to know that male-to-male connectors are plentiful in the set and even come as extras!

The sets will be released on Friday, February 3 at 12pm Pacific Time (3pm ET) at Each set will cost $20 and will include the following:

Master Blade (6 parts)

Demon Sabre (3 parts)

Falcon Sabre (3 parts)

War Shield (10 parts)

Dominar (12 parts)

There will be five colorways offered:

Empyrean – Red PVC w/ black paint ops and Glitter Clear Smoke ABS

Bloodlust – Black PVC and Clear Red ABS

Doppelganger – Orange PVC and Clear Light Blue ABS

Venom – Dark Purple PVC and Clear Green ABS

Cold Steel – Gunmetal PVC and Silver ABS

For upcoming Spy Monkey-related goodies, be sure to check out their Facebook page and official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Spy Monkey Creations, Glyos, MOTUC, and generally awesome toy coverage!

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