Get Medieval With A Miniature Wooden Ballista Kit!

Let's face it, the office can get pretty boring sometimes. That's why it's so important we have some cool toys to keep us entertained whenever there's a little downtime. Office warfare isn't as deadly as it sounds and If you want some ancient Roman fire power the office you need to take a look at this awesome tabletop Ballista kit.

There's nothing more satisfying than going medieval on your co-workers and this Ballista is probably the coolest way to do it. Best of all it'll keep you busy right out of the box as it comes unassembled – anyone who's played with Lego as much as I have knows building is the best part. Made of solid wood it's sure to last a long time and even if you don't plan on trying to take your bosses eye out you'll still have one of the coolest desk decorations around.

The laser-cut, easy to assemble kit comes with plenty of ammo and will shoot the included bolts up to 30 feet. It will set you back about $20 on Amazon, but at the time of writing this it doesn't look like they have too many left in stock. If you happened to miss that boat you can head over to ThinkGeek and snag one for $25.

Amazon also has a bunch of other office warfare options If the Ballista isn't enough fire power for you, including a very cool trebuchet and this classic catapult.

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