"Before Watchmen" Twitter Roundup: Creators Take to Twitter with Snark and Opinions

As expected, the BEFORE WATCHMEN announcement set Twitter ablaze yesterday sending both the title and “Alan Moore” to the top of the trending chart. Here’s what comic creators had to say about the news:

Some addressed the prequels directly…

Skottie Young @skottieyoung

I never get fussed about prequels, sequels or remakes. They're not filled with magic powers that erase the original so why pretend to be mad

Phil Jimenez @Philjimeneznyc

Was just thinking -- what if the Watchmen prequels are just as effective creatively as the original, if not moreso? Heads will EXPLODE!

Damon Lindelof @DamonLindelof

A. I am profoundly upset about the WATCHMEN prequels. B. I'm buying every single one of them.

James Asmus @JamesAsmus

Damnit. I'm going to cave and buy a Watchmen prequel book, just to get some Adam Hughes art >:-P Well played, DC.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart

I Sincerely, honestly hope that these Before Watchmen things turn out to be good comics.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart

I don't think they needed to be done but neither did half of comics history.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart

If they're good i'll be impressed, if they're not I'll ignore them like I do RoboCop 2 or Star Wars 1-3

Alejandro A. Arbona @Alejandrobot

Listen, let's be real. I am going to buy each and every one of those new Watchmen comics. Advantage: DC.

…or used the opportunity to discuss creator rights and creator-owned books:

Brian Wood @brianwood

So is the 'Year Of The Creator' over already?

Skottie Young @skottieyoung

Alan Moore is doing just fine off Watchmen, let's take our rage over his BABY and buy some creator owned comics today. That's the REAL power

Skottie Young @skottieyoung

Money is more powerful than outrage. Choosing to or not to buy a book is stronger than the outrage followed by a purchase of said book.

Aubrey Sitterson @aubreysitterson

Any comic creators feeling high and mighty about BEFORE WATCHMEN should check and see if they've worked on any of Kirby's Marvel creations.

Rob Liefeld @robertliefeld

I see both sides of Watchmen. Bottom line I can't get worked up over sanctimonious claims in a work for hire contract.

Stuart Immonen @stuartimmonen

I'm embarrassed for this industry. #goodcomicsaregoodcomics #alanwho

Stuart Immonen @stuartimmonen

Why isn't the conversation "do creators have a say in the fate of their creations after disavowing all control?"

Rob Guillory @Rob_guillory

I guess the lesson of Watchmen is: If you wanna make something new that you care about, be careful whose contracts you sign.

Some thoughtfully criticized or challenged the project…

Leah Moore @leahmoore

Why not do NEW ogn's from the Before Watchmen creators, or better yet by fresh talent. Use the budget to find the *next* watchmen instead?

Jill Pantozzi @TheNerdyBird

Just imagine if DC had put the incredible talent they put on the Watchmen prequel on their minority character titles in the New 52...

Kurt Busiek @KurtBusiek

It seems to me that anyone who thinks LOST GIRLS is merely a sequel to PETER PAN et al in the way that BEFORE WATCHMEN will be a prequel...

Kurt Busiek @KurtBusiek

…is really missing something. There's a difference between "build and transform and make something new" and "let's have more of that.”

Kieron Gillen @kierongillen

A kinda-obvious thought occurs: the actual Watchmen sequel? The last 25 years of superhero comics.

Erik Larsen @ErikJLarsen

You really want to follow in Alan Moore or Jack Kirby's footsteps? Then make up your OWN characters, you lazy f**k!

…while others let retweets speak for them:

Pool Hall James @poolhalljames

Hate on DC all you want guys, but WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN OF TOMORROW, TOMORROW? is a good idea.

Retweeted by Mark Waid

Matthew Cody @matthew_cody

Moore upset about new Watchman comics. I'd have sympathy if he hadn't made a career of reinterpreting other people's characters himself.

Retweeted by Kyle Higgins

rstevens @rstevens

These Watchmen prequels are Very Important because we will finally see how they got bitten by radioactive watches.

Retweeted by Jamie McKelvie

Christian A. Dumais @PuffChrissy

Moby Dick prequel reveals Dick as young slave who must win the Cod Race to get out from under the evil Trade Federation.

Retweeted by Joe Hill

And of course, no Twitter exchange would be complete without loads of sarcastic quips:

John Layman @themightylayman

Crossing my fingers Dr. Manhattan doesn't take any long walks in his Before Watchman story!

Tom Brevoort @TomBrevoort

Did I mention my cool new upcoming project U BEFORE VENDETTA?

Phillip Hester @philhester

Guys, we let #HoodratTextMsgSignatures knock Watchmen off trending topics. Comics has failed again.

Greg Pak @gregpak

Hey, internet, do you want my totally unsolicited opinion about the great comics controversy of the day???

brubaker @brubaker

@gregpak no

Nick Spencer @nickspencer

Good thing DC changed those plans to have Lana Del Rey write these prequels, or we might have a full-blown controversy on our hands here.

Jordan D. White @cracksh0t

Oh--here is my worst fear: That someone involved in Before Watchmen actually LIKED the Watchmen movie.

Mark Waid @MarkWaid

Haven't had my coffee this morning. What's this about Mitt Romney not being concerned about Watchmen prequels?

Fred Van Lente @fredvanlente

"Before Watchmen takes place on Earth-$." Heh. #favoriteinternetcommentsofar

Dan Slott @DanSlott

To be fair, I held a séance, and Robert Louis Stevenson wasn't happy with what Alan Moore did to Mr. Hyde in LOEG. So there's that.

Dan Slott @DanSlott

Can I write "Before American Splendor"? I think I could really get Harvey Pekar's voice just right. #CheckPlease

Dan Slott @DanSlott

The REAL "Before Watchmen" comic would show pages of Alan Moore reading stacks of Charlton Comics and watching an Outer Limits episode.

Stephen Wacker @StephenWacker

I was hoping for "Before Wild Dog", but this is cool too.

Rich Johnston @richjohnston

#beforebeforewatchmen "The kindergarten is afraid of me. I have seen its true face."

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