MTV Geek First Look: Tons of TMNT Toys!

This Fall, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make their triumphant return to TV thanks to a CGI-animated series from Nickelodeon Animation Studio, and Playmates Toys has once again thrown their hat into the ring when it comes to the latest and greatest TMNT toys! Everything from action figures, to vehicles and role-play items are already planned and we here at MTV Geek are proud to be the first to show them to the world! Join us as we cover every single announced toy to date from the new series, AND show a ridiculous amount of photos. Cowabunga, indeed!

Action Figures

We love the new designs of the Turtles which also share aspects of their looks from the fantastic IDW comic. Each of the figures appear to be fairly articulated for their size and have the swivel/hinge joints mostly hidden thanks to their bulky knee and elbow pads. Speaking of size, each Turtle will also vary from 4.25" to 4.75" to better represent the different brothers. No completely shared bodies here, folks!

One thing you might have noticed: Raphael is missing a chunk out of the shell covering his chest. Looks like his mouth started "writing some checks", if you get our meaning...

Mikey has been given actual chain links for his nunchucku this time and it instantly makes his figure better.

Deluxe Power Sound FX Figures

These guys clock in a little taller than the regular figures and have springs in their arms and legs that activate phrases and sound effects. we're guessing the word "pizza" will be prevalent.

That is the BEST facial expression for a Michelangelo figure to date!


This beauty is known as the Shellraiser. We can't wait to see how it stacks up to our vintage Party Wagon!

This is the Rippin' Rider. It shares the Turtles love of the shell motif, which if you think about it, would be kind of like people being obsessed with covering their cars with human hair. Gross.

The Ninja Stealth Bike will be seen in the new animated series and comes with it's own Raphael figure sporting a bright yellow helmet.

That freakishly-huge skateboard is the Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard. any of the Turtle figures will fit on it as it does 10 different tricks. How? A secret mix of magic and technology, of course!

Not to be outdone, the evil Foot Clan have their own vehicle in the form of the Dragon Bike. It comes with an exclusive helmet-sporting Foot Soldier figure and he'll do a sweet 360 flip over the handlebars of the bike with the push of a button.


It's great to see a return of playsets and this Secret Sewer Lair just happens to be a HUGE one! Look closely at the photo and you'll get a sneak-peek at Shredder, Kang, Splinter, the Foot Soldier, and April's upcoming figures.

Role Play

You better believe that if we can get the bandanna from the Ninja Gear set around our adult heads, we'll be taking Leonardo's stealth Sword around the Geek offices for a little ninja-style payback!

Whew! That's enough ninja-related paraphernalia to keep even the biggest of Turtle fans satiated-- well, almost. Where's our Casey Jones?!

Special thanks to Nickelodeon and Playmates Toys for this first look!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your TMNT coverage!

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