Jeff Lemire Takes Over Justice League Dark

DC’s The Source blog announced this morning that Jeff Lemire, writer of the fan-favorite Animal Man and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. New 52 titles, will take the wheel of Justice League Dark beginning with issue #9.

Lemire, who also writes and draws Sweet Tooth for Vertigo, teased his plans for JLD, hinting at a familiar location returning as a new headquarters, the positioning of a classic Justice League villain as the team’s arch-nemesis, and two new members (though he elaborate on – and contradicted – the last tease in an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources).

The writer also plans to make the “Justice League” portion of the title more apparent. “I want to explore and create new connections between this team of mystical misfits and Geoff and Jim’s big guns in The Justice League,” Lemire told The Source. “On that note, Geoff and I have had many discussions on how to link our two books and make the Justice League franchises connect in new and unexpected ways. More on that in the near future…”

Interior artist Mikel Janin and cover artist Ryan Sook will both continue creative duties on Justice League Dark following the departure of current writer Peter Milligan, an announcement that explains a series of Tweets last week from Lemire praising Janin’s work.

Lemire was also recently announced as the co-writer (with Matt Kindt) of the Frankenstein-centric final issue of DC’s Men of War. With his fondness for the character, can we expect to see the big green guy pop up in another Lemire title soon?

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