Star Wars TV Show Is Called 'Underworld'... But Is It A Boba Fett Series?

With Phantom Menace returning to theaters, and Clone Wars still going strong on TV, it looks like it’s a good time – again – to be a Star Wars fan. And it may get even better, as we now know that the long rumored live action Star Wars TV series has a working title: Star Wars: Underworld.

Now, sure, you’ve been burned by the prequels. And Lucasfilm doesn’t have the best track record in the world for live action TV (see: Christmas special). But the idea of a big budget Star Wars TV show on every week, with the same production values as the movies – which is what producers have promised is what, budgetarily, is holding up the show in the first place – makes our midichlorian count go through the roof.

Other details that have come out over time? The show will be set between Episode III and IV, as a group of mob bosses consolidate their power, paralleling the rise of the Empire at the same time. There’s also been plenty of rumors that bounty hunters will be involved, which of course, leads us to one name: Boba Fett.

Seriously, is there any question whether this is a Boba Fett series? Sure, he could be part of a sprawling cast, but given the Star Wars Universe’s unerring focus on one character at a time, there’s almost no way the Mandalorian won’t be front and center in the series. He’s a fan favorite, and even with an important role as, you know, every clone trooper ever, he still holds an enigmatic place in Star Wars lore.

Granted, we like him that way, so there’s a certain sense that maybe we DON’T want SW:U to be a Boba Fett spectacular. But it’s either that, or a soap opera featuring a bunch of Hutts, and that would be gross.

That all said? We may still not get to see this for a good long while, even though producer Rick McCallum swears there are fifty “excellent” scripts already written on a shelf somewhere. That’s because each script will cost about five million to produce, and where in the world would Lucasfilm get two hundred and fifity million dollars? They’d have to go all out re-releasing all six Star Wars movies in 3-D over the next six years in order to…

Oh. Right.

Keep it tuned to MTV Geek for any and all news about this Star Wars show as it hits… Though it may be a long, long time before we get any other tidbits.

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