'Being Human' Season Four Brings a New Vampire, New Wolf, and New Baby

Are you ready for some big changes in the fourth season of BBC America’s Being Human? So big, we’re going to put a spoiler warning on as of right now, and warn you to turn back if you don’t want some of Season Four potentially ruined for you?

Okay, now that we’re alone, lets get caught up to speed. Being Human started three seasons ago on the BBC bringing together vampire Mitchell, ghost Annie, and werewolf George in a house to live together, and see what happens when people stop being monsters, and start being… Human. Yeah. Over three seasons of the show, though, we’ve seen the gang get sucked into purgatory, fight hordes of vampires, get thrown into werewolf fighting pits, and even added a member to their cast: Nina, a werewolf pregnant with George’s wolf baby. Oh, and at the end of Season Three, George staked Mitchell rather than see him forced to work for evil vamps.

Now that we’re up to it, the most shocking revelations are to come... Here's the official description from BBC America:

"It opens on the aftermath of the Season 3 finale in which Mitchell fell victim to the wolf-shaped bullet. Written and created by Toby Whithouse (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Torchwood‘), the series will introduce some new faces following the success of recent guest stars Lacey Turner, Robson Green and Michael Socha.

Toby Whithouse, Creator and Executive Producer says: “We were overwhelmed by the response to season three, and so we’re absolutely thrilled that the BBC have given us this opportunity to continue our show into a fourth year. We’ve got another intense and epic story lined up for you, with some new faces and old, and even more horror and mayhem and mugs of tea.”

That's not all, though: there's surprising twists and turns in the first episode we won't ruin for you here. Suffice to say, big changes are coming for the show. BIG changes.

Anywho, as they said, there’s some new characters on board, including this weirdly familiar sounding guy:

“Hal played by Damien Molony: Hal has been a vampire for over 500 years and the temptation for blood and carnage still rules his every waking thought. Since meeting best friends Leo (a werewolf) and Pearl (a ghost) in 1955, Hal has managed to stay off the blood by sticking to a rigid structure and keeping away from all people. Coming to Honolulu Heights is a huge disruption for Hal. And he doesn’t cope well with disruption. At first, Hal – the stand-offish, posh vampire – and Tom – the common, feral werewolf – find themselves at each-other’s throats, but once a mutual respect is gained, we see this odd couple become close.”

…Which of course sets us up nicely for “Being Human: 1955.” It also is a strange bit of blatant recasting for the recently departed Mitchell. We’ll have to see just how different and posh Hal actually is... We guess, VERY posh.

That all said, our interest is certainly peaked by the mention of new monsters: the show introduced the idea of zombies last season, so who’s left? Franksteins? Blobs, maybe? It would be interesting to see blobs trying to be human.

Oh, and for those of you who have been watching Being Human on SyFy, and are supremely confused right now: that show is an American version of the BBC show. Interestingly, the current “vampire is black-mailed into working for the Old Ones,” plotline from the second season of the American show is the opposite choice the BBC vamp made. Well, interesting to those of us who watch every episode of Being Human, ever. Like us.

Being Human premieres Saturday, February 25, 9:00pm ET/PT on BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday.