Gene Simmons Talks To MTV Geek About Being... Well, A Geek

A lot of you may know about Gene Simmons, rock legend and frontman for KISS. But do you also know about Gene Simmons the Geek? He's a huge comic book and science fiction fan, having published fanzines and possessing a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the books he's into and able to name everyone from the writer and artist to the inker and the letterer on books that he is into.

Simmons was on hand in Park City this week to introduce the world to Ortsbo, a real-time translation service that can provide captions for video in over 50 languages. You can watch his live-chat with Stan Lee in multiple languages, who was in town to promote the documentary about his life With Great Power... The Stan Lee Story at Slamdance.

We spoke with Simmons right after the chat and he told us more about Ortsbo, his love of all things geek, and how he plans to take over the world. Check out what "The Demon" himself had to say!

Gene Simmons Talks Ortsbo

Gene Simmons is a Geek

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