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Are you ready for Deadpool: The Musical… The musical? This week, Marvel released a special issue of Deadpool by regular series writer Daniel Way – Deadpool #49.1 to be precise – and true to the character’s fourth wall breaking form, the entire issue was told through song.

Specifically, song parodies of "OPP" by Naughty By Nature, "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday, "...Baby One More Time..." by Britney Spears, and "Last Caress" by the Misfits. The lyrics were reworked to fit Wade Wilson’s origins, and the reader was told to hum along with the tunes. But Jordan D. White – Editor of the Deadpool comic – took things one step further, and actually recorded the musical version of the issue himself.


Deadpool, the Musical! by Jordan D. White

The track, which runs about five and a half minutes long, features White playing the ukulele, bass guitar, mini-bongos, egg shaker, as well as the vocals. On the last tune, Daniel Way actually guests, playing electric guitar and bass. And best of all? The entire track is free to listen to, and download online!

So you too, can read Deadpool, AND listen to Deadpool at the same time. We wonder how in canon it will become that White is the actual voice of Deadpool? Probably very, very in canon.

A last little note, from the track’s page, from White, who urges everyone to buy Deadpool if they enjoy the song(s):

“This song is not endorsed by or affiliated with Marvel--I did this all on my own time, for no money whatsoever, and I am letting you hear it and have it for completely free. There's a download button up there, feel free to save it and listen to it over and over again! That being said, it is based on a comic both Dan and I worked hard on, so we'd sure appreciate it if you'd swing by the comic shop and pick up a copy.

(You can even buy it online: ) Plus, there is stuff in the comic that is not in the song, both because it is visual, and because it was not being sung, so I didn't record it. So, please--support the Deadpool book so I can have a job and afford to do ridiculous stuff like this on my off time.”

We hope he does continue to do ridiculous stuff like this… Between the Deadpool musical, and the audio version of Daredevil Marvel released a few weeks ago, there’s some great listenin’ stuff available from the House of Ideas. Let’s hope it continues.

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