Colossus Returns to Action Figure Form Thanks to DST!

Recently, the X-books have seen major changes as the mutant team has separated into two different factions. Now it seems that a massive battle with the Avengers is imminent. What better way to choose sides than by picking up the latest release from Diamond Select Toys? None that we can think of. Granted, any excuse to grab a cool new action figure is a good one and this figure of Colossus from the Marvel Select line looks to be one of the best releases thus far! Read on for all the info on the big, Russian mutant of metal and some great pics of him in comparison to their previously released Gambit figure (which we reviewed here).

Diamond Select Toys has released over 60 figures in their Marvel Select line, all in a consistent 7-inch scale, and the year 2012 marks the line's tenth anniversary. To celebrate, DST has several great figures planned, including figures based on the movies Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man, but the first figure to hit stores during our anniversary year is Colossus! The X-Men mainstay who transforms into solid steel checks in at a towering 8.25 inches tall, and his 16 points of articulation give him a wide range of movement. To see how he stands up against another Marvel Select figure, we sent him and Gambit to the Danger Room, to get in some practice sparring. We even tested him against the giant spiked panel that he comes with! Check out the photographs in our gallery, and look for Colossus to hit stores in mid-February, followed by the Green Goblin. (Gambit available now!)

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