Smell Like An Avenger With This New Cologne Line

By Danica Davidson

If celebrities can have their own perfumes and colognes, why can’t superheroes? JADS International has come out with new colognes for members of The Avengers as part of the advertising for the film’s spring release.

First up is PATRIOT Cologne. (Any thoughts on which Avenger will be wearing that?) “A cologne that pays homage to the confident, stand-up-to-bullies, hard working average Joe in every man,” JADS’s advertisement reads.

After that, we have a cologne for Iron Man called Mark VII, a cologne for the Hulk called SMASH! (the way he runs around, he probably needs it), a blond-looking cologne called Worthy for Thor, and an Infinity Formula for Nick Fury. These all have paragraph-long descriptions on the website that can tell you why each cologne fits with the character.

Oh, and Loki also gets his own cologne. It’s called Mischief. Who came up with all these names? Possibly the only thing better than the names would be the descriptions.

You can buy the first four as a set for $59.99. And if you think it’s odd to have cologne based on these characters, well, JADS also sells a cologne called Shirtless Kirk.

Thanks to Robot 6 for the tip!

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