Exclusive: Titan Launching "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" Tie-In Comics And Magazines

Publisher Titan is celebrating the 3-D cinema release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace on February 10th in style -- by offering a range of tie-in comics and magazines.

Titan is no stranger to the Star Wars universe, with their flagship Star Wars Insider publication. Issue #131 of the magazine will be a Phantom Menace extravaganza, including interviews with Industrial Light & Magic's John Knoll, noted Star Wars author Dan Wallace, stunt coordinator Nick Gillard, and an exclusive with comic book stars Paul Pope and Frank Quitely on their Star Wars-themed work.

The comic book Star Wars Galaxy #17 (only available in the UK and Ireland) features a titanic (sorry for the pun) fight that I'm sure every fan would want to see: Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul!

The Phantom Menace Souvenir Magazine (also in UK & Ireland only) features a ton of original Phantom Menace-related content, including a 3-D comic.

And Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #10 will be a special Episode 1 issue, offering U.S. readers a free Hasbro figure if they subscribe, and a free Wookiee Bowcaster and The Phantom Menace stickers to U.K. audiences.

Read the press release below for more details, and be sure to check out Titan's tribute comics and magazines for this historic 3-D cinematic event!




As the Star Wars saga joins the 3D revolution with the cinema release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace on February 10th, Titan is delighted to announce a range of official The Phantom Menace-themed magazines and comics with exclusive features, behind-the-scenes interviews and sensational comic strip stories!


Star Wars Insider Magazine

Our flagship Star Wars title is the official magazine and indispensable companion to George Lucas’ enduring saga that has been a vital part of our culture for over 30 years. With The Phantom Menace being released in 3D, Insider #131 marks the occasion with a special celebratory issue that hits stores in the US and Canada on January 31st and in the UK and Ireland on February 9th.


Industrial Light & Magic guru John Knoll gives us an exclusive lowdown on the creative process behind the new format, and we showcase an amazing, never-before-seen set of storyboards depicting Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn in action against a battalion of battle droids. Noted Star Wars author Dan Wallace pitches in with 10 reasons to love hapless Gungan Jar Jar Binks, and we take a close look at Darth Maul, who became one of Star Wars' most iconic characters.


Plus, the man who arranged Maul's epic battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn, stunt coordinator Nick Gillard, is on hand to guide us through five great movie sword fights! Legendary comic book artists Frank Quitely and Paul Pope in an exclusive article discuss their new Star Wars-themed works and how the saga has influenced their award-winning art. Plus, we bring you news of all the very latest books, comics, and toys!


Subscribers to Star Wars Insider receive an exclusive subscriber edition featuring an artwork-only cover that you can’t get in stores! To find out more, click here. Digital editions of Insider are available on the iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC, click here.


Star Wars Galaxy Comic

Star Wars Galaxy showcases the greatest Star Wars comic adventures from a galaxy far, far away!


On-sale January 26th in the UK and Ireland, Star Wars Galaxy #17 features the first part of the battle between the horned-warrior Darth Maul and the grim-breathing icon of evil Darth Vader. The galaxy’s greatest Sith warriors battle it out for supremacy in this epic tale! Arriving on the volcanic moon Kalakar Six, Darth Vader is unprepared for the challenge that awaits him: a duel to the death with Darth Maul!


There's also part three of Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness, where Darth Vader and a mysterious assassin inch closer and closer in their hunt for the Jedi. And the latest arc from The Old Republic concludes! Will Theron Shan and his crew manage to stop Darth Mekhis from launching her mega-weapon before time runs out?


Plus, a stunning Darth Maul poster for your wall and a chance to win LEGO Star Wars starfighters! For more information and to subscribe, click here.


Totally… The Phantom Menace Souvenir Magazine

On-sale February 2nd in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Totally… The Phantom Menace is a one-off, 32-page official movie souvenir magazine that celebrates all things The Phantom Menace with a galaxy of features, puzzles, and games. And to mirror the movie’s exciting new dimension, it features ten pages in amazing 3D, including an all-new, all-action comic strip!


This never-before-seen 3D comic strip introduces a new dimension of the Star Wars universe. Start your engines as young Anakin shows off his awesome Podracing skills on Tatooine, while Darth Maul crushes battle droids, and is trained up by the evil Darth Sidious. The spectacular action comes to life with the awesome FREE 3D glasses that come with every copy of the magazine.


There’s also an eye-popping 3D pull-out poster with some of the most iconic characters in cinema brought to life.


That’s not all! Totally… The Phantom Menace magazine is giving away a FREE C-3PO Grabber Arm and a load of collectible Star Wars stickers with every copy!


Don’t miss out! Pre-order Totally: The Phantom Menace magazine now! click here.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine is the ultimate destination for young fans of the Star Wars saga and the awesome animated TV show on Cartoon Network!


This tie-in issue celebrates the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D by showing readers how the characters in The Clone Wars began their sagas in the movie itself! Plus, we ask how the fearsome Darth Maul ties into brand-new episodes of The Clone Wars!


The US edition of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine hits stores on February 7th. Get a FREE Hasbro The Clone Wars action figure when you subscribe. To find out more, click here.


The UK edition is on sale February 9th and comes with a FREE Wookiee Bowcaster and The Phantom Menace stickers!


Titan is your one-stop shop for official Star Wars magazines and comics. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on amazing Star Wars stories, incredible artwork, sensational features & interviews and, above all, to learn more about unforgettable characters. Your Star Wars: The Phantom Menace memorabilia collection won't be complete without this amazing set of official titles.



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