Sony Vaio F-Series Laptop Gets A Steampunk Facelift

While there's no denying Sony knows how to make some pretty sexy laptops, we find this custom Sony Vaio F-Series much more appealing than the standard unit found on store shelves. The case mod seen above was originally created on commission for Sony, but now John “Wilhelm” Dunn of the Victorian Steam Calculation Engine Company is willing to make you your own... if you can afford it.

Dubbed the eCog Mercury™, the mod is comprised of birch, oak, copper and steel and was designed to allow distinguishing features of the Vaio F-Series, like the back-lit keyboard, shine through. The backside of the display is littered with pipes and non-functional gauges as part of Dunn's custom “Boilerplate” design and the trackpad is surrounded by red fabric that is sure to keep your wrists nice and comfy.

The case mod looks awesome as it sits, but Dunn points out that he is open to design changes if anyone would like to commission him for a more personal eCog Mercury™. The standard mod costs $1,250 before the cost of the required Vaio F-Series laptop so any changes or custom tweaks you want done will obviously add to the final price.

Dunn apparently has Steampunk plans for the F-Series 3D glasses as well. Though he hasn't revealed anything yet, we're sure they'll be looking pretty good once they get the final touches. If you aren't afraid to spend some dough and think your laptop is in need of a Steampunk overhaul I suggest you head over to Etsy and check this out.

[Etsy via Technabob]

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