AntiCrop Un-Crops iPhone Photos By Expanding The Background

Having your iPhone around to grab a quick photo is always great, but what happens when you accidentally shoot too close to your subject and don't have a second chance? If you're too far away you can easily chop off some edges using the included cropping tools, but adding to the background to make the photo wider? That's just crazy talk. Well, it used to be crazy talk, now its called AntiCrop and its a new app available now.

For a single dollar you can buy AntiCrop in the App Store and you will finally have the ability to un-crop your photos. Simply choose the photo you want to edit and drag the guidelines outside of the image until you're happy with the size and framing. AntiCrop will automatically fill in the background by copying what's already present. With the right photo it can work wonders, but if you try it with photos where there's a lot going on in the background you wont have much luck.

Another great feature is the ability to twist or straighten photos without chopping off any of the corners.  Just like the actual AntiCrop feature, the effect isn't going to work on every photo, but if you have a clear, simple background you should be good to go.

The app runs very smooth and makes adding a little extra to your photos just as easy as cropping them. For $1 its definitely a bargain, especially if you don't have access to high-end software like Photoshop. Check out the AntiCrop Tutorial below to get a look at how the app works.

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