Avatar The Last Airbender, Justice League, and Bulletproof Coffin: New Comics For 1/25/12

This week, we’re leading off with the hardcover picks for you, because that’s how we roll. In money! And then we hand our money over to the comic book shop:

First up is the brand new AVATAR: LAST AIRBENDER: THE PROMISE, PART 1, whose title is far too long, but is a must buy for any fan of the animated series. The original graphic novel starts connecting the dots between the original series, and the upcoming Legend of Korra. As a bonus, the book has fabulous art by the incomparable Gurihiru, and having read it, can tell you that it’s a fun, exciting read for new fans as well as old.

On the non-original graphic novel front, Marvel has a gangbusters week ready to bust your wallet, with collections of two of the best series of 2011: DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID, VOL 01, and RED SKULL INCARNATE. The former is one of the best looking books on the stands thanks to art from Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera, with one of the best scripts around as well, thanks to Mark Waid. The latter is a terrifying look at an irredeemable villain, written by Magneto: Testament’s Greg Pak.

Oh, and lest we forget: Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert’s ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN AND WOLVERINE collects the only story that contains both a giant, planet sized (and shaped) Doctor Doom, as well as a club that beats you back in time. It is, as the title implies, astonishing.

Over at DC (and we’re getting to the floppies shortly, its just that good of a week), we’re supremely curious about RESURRECTION MAN, VOL. 01, which collects the first fourteen issues of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s original run on the series. We’ve enjoyed the updated tale of a man who gets new powers – and comes back to life – every time he dies, but hear the original issues are even better. We’ll see, DC. We’ll see…

Okay, over to the floppies as promised: DC has a trio of titles we like coming out this week, ALL STAR WESTERN #5, AQUAMAN #5, and JUSTICE LEAGUE #5. In a few words each, ASW is just a good Jonah Hex comic, as usual; Aquaman proves there should be an Aquaman title; and Justice League is more fun than it has been in, well, decades maybe.

Marvel also has a nice assortment of titles this week, and we’ll give them the same treatment: ALPHA FLIGHT #8 brings a great take on Marvel’s Northern heroes sadly to a close; SECRET AVENGERS #21.1 kicks off Rick Remender’s highly anticipated run; and DEADPOOL #49.1 is what, I think, is the all-musical issue I erroneously thought was last week. Regardless, Deadpool has been exciting and funny lately, so pick it up.

Over at Image, there’s BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #1, a sequel to one of our favorite mini-series of 2011. We’ve actually read the issue, and it’s an easy entry-point for new readers; by which we mean, its f-ing crazy, and barely connects to the last series so far. It’s also a worthwhile read that riffs maniacally on detective novels and the dawn of comics, just like the last series did. Point being: buy it.

Other comics we’ve read that are worth your hard earned coin? Dark Horse’s ANGEL & FAITH #6, which continues a great, textured run that feels more like Buffy Season 8 than Buffy Season 8 ever did; and USAGI YOJIMBO #143. We’re ashamed to say that this is the first issue of Yojimbo we’ve ever read, and now it looks like – given how intelligently written this story of a bunny samurai is, we’ll have to go back and read the first one hundred forty-two issues.

And that’s it! What’s on your pull list, friends? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week.

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