CES 2012: Griffin's StudioConnect, Airport Express Amplifier, and Third Man Record 45 Vinyl iPhone Cases

By Kevin Kelly

Griffin has made a name for themselves creating just about every sort of Apple peripheral you can imagine. From cases to infrared adapters that control your home audiovisual system through your iPad and beyond, they've put together an appealing line of niche tech.

One of the coolest new pieces they were showing off at CES this year was their StudioConnect iPad dock that gives you a complete home studio, all in one compact, affordable package. The StudioConnect puts audio and MIDI recording options into a docking station, offering you audio in (both 3.5mm and 1/4" jacks), audio out (left and right RCA level plugs and a 3.5mm headphone jack and independent volume knob), and both MIDI in out through dual 5-pin connectors. So now you can connect keyboards and other MIDI devices into your mobile devices and jack straight into GarageBand. The StudioConnect will be available in February for $149.99.

Direct from the realm of nearly dead technology also comes Griffin's newest iPhone case line, brought to you in a partnership with Jack White's Third Man Records to create Third Man 45 iPhone Cases. Like Griffin, Third Man is also based in Nashville, and they designed an iPhone case made from cut 7" vinyl albums. The set comes with a record cutout on real vinyl complete with the grooves, and a notch cut out for the camera. It slips into the backside of the case, making you look hip and retro in the process.

They also introduced a nifty piece of tech for Airport Express owners: the Twenty. You plug your Airport Express into this, and it sends out lossless, amplified sound through speakers that you connect. It will support 20 watts per channel, and supports powered subwoofers as well. It allows you to hook up non-powered speakers via the spring-loaded RCA connectors, and will help you spread sound through your abode.

“The Griffin Twenty is the easiest, best-­?sounding solution for consumers who have speakers that are not AirPlay-­?enabled but still want to stream high-­?fidelity audio wirelessly,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “Not only can users stream from their iTunes library, they can easily connect with any AirPlay-­? enabled iOS device.”

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