CES 2012: HMDX Reveals The Orb iPad Dock And Flex Bluetooth Speakers

The CES 2012 show floor was littered with portable speakers and docks for iOS and Android devices, but a couple upcoming products from HMDX really grabbed our attention. Though they may not be anything new in terms of the latest technology, their overall design and reasonable price points have us very intrigued.

First up is the Orb. This circular dock features speakers all the way around the base and will hold our iPad in either landscape or portrait views. There is also a video-out so we can watch movies and video right on our TV and control everything with the included remote. What we really love about the dive is the 360 degree audio delivery. Because the speakers are placed all the way around the Orb you can literally put it anywhere i the room without blocking the speakers. Also, instead of costing an arm and leg like some iPad docks we've seen, the Orb will land in May for just $60. The only thing that we wish the Orb had is a battery power. The form factor seems like it would be great for use on a coffee table, but stringing a power cord across that space would be a little bothersome.

Next up was the Flex. It may not be the most cutting edge speaker design out there, but Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect more than one of these little noise makers to an iOS or Android device could make it a winner. The idea here would be to place one Flex in each corner of the room then, without the hassle of any wires, you could just whip out your iPhone, pick your favorite album and push play. What we really liked about the Flex was the build quality and rechargeable battery. While most portable speakers this size (it only stands about 2.5 inches tall) feel cheap and fragile, the Flex has a nice weight to it and felt solid in our hand. At a mere $30 each the Flex may be a day-one purchase for me when it hits stores in June.

While those two products stood out the most, HDMX had everything from bedside iPad docks with USB charging ports to alarm clocks with built-in projectors on display. Best of all, everything we saw will be available between May and June and the price tag wonlt break the bank - not a single thing will cost more than $60!

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