What's New With Doctor Who: New Companion, Leverage Crossover, and TARDIS Purse

Welcome, everyone to the seventh installment of our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

ITEM! Will Sophia Myles Be The New Companion?

Probably not, but the actress - who played Mme Pompadour in the much beloved “Girl in the Fireplace” episode - had a bit of a cryptic tweet exchange with Steven Moffat over the weekend, leading many to think she’ll end up in the TARDIS. We’re guessing there may be a return to the character/settings of the episode most likely, or a cameo - particularly likely as Moffat wrote the episode in question. We shall see...

MARTY! Doctor Who Goes Back To The Future... Again

Other than the time travel, what is it that keeps inspiring people like DeviantArt user RatGirlStudios to mash up Back to the Future with Doctor Who? We’d think it was the vehicles, but we have yet to see a police box with doors that open upwards, so...

WESTPHALL! Leverage and Community and Doctor Who and Inspector Spacetime Crossover

First of all, if you get what we’re referring to in that first word, you get a bonus prize. Second, Leverage creator John Rogers confirmed on his blog that as of the last episode, his characters not only watch both Doctor Who and the Community parody Inspector Spacetime, but that Community takes place in the Leverage universe. Mind blown.

PURSE! This Clutch Is Re-TARDIS

Not that we use a purse, but oh my god we want this purse. It could be a back-pack or something, right? Bet it's bigger on the inside.

DINOS! Video Looks At Who’s Effects

This neat little video we’ll leave you with goes behind the scenes of the effects on a classic Who episode, “Invasion of the Dinosaurs.” Enjoy!

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