Valiant Comics Returns With 'X-O Manowar' On May 2nd

With The Surrogates creator Robert Venditti on scripts and Conan and Daredevil artist Cary Nord handling the creative end, the publisher is set to make a new debut this spring.

...and they're back as Valiant announces that one of the flagship titles of the original run is coming back with pretty much the same concept. X-O Manowar is what you get if you cross Conan the Barbarian with Iron Man, flinging a Visigoth barbarian into the modern day with an alien tech mechanical suit. As with many of the Valiant core titles, there was a unified technology and cohesive universe between the books—so the spider aliens who created the armor in X-O would show up a couple of thousand years later in Rai and the Future Force, and the armor itself showed up in some permutation in the same book.

Valiant hasn't announced any kind of grand plans for a tightly-knit universe, but besides the creative team we at least know the plot:

Born into battle and raised under the oppressive thumb of the Roman Empire, Aric of Dacia is a beloved figure among his men and a leader of the Visigoth people. But when he's taken prisoner after a brutal encounter with an alien strike force, he must capture the X-O Manowar armor - the most powerful weapon in the universe - if he's to save his family and return to his people. But when he arrives he finds 1,600 years have passed and the most primitive man on Earth - a man out of time - now wields a weapon capable of incalculable destruction

The cover up above is by Esad Ribic and presumably give our first look at the unnamed aliens featured in the story. I have to say, I miss the oddball design of the spider aliens with their bulbous bodies and visors. They looked ripped straight from a hard sci-fi novel. The armor looks essentially the same, albeit with tighter lines and less bulk around the body. I do like that they kept the musculature-like ribbing around the body, which gives the armor a fleshy-sort of appearance.

X-O Manowar #1 will be available from Valiant on May 2nd.

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