CES 2012: AudioBulb Makes Multiple Speakers As Easy As Screwing In A Lightbulb

By Kevin Kelly

If you've tried to install multiple speakers in your house or apartment to spread your sound around, then you know it can be a difficult and expensive process. Either you're buying an expensive piece of teach, or trailing wires everywhere. But why not let there be light? GiiNii had the same idea when they created the AudioBulb. This replaces a standard bulb with an LED light source that includes a speaker built right into the middle of it.

Up to eight AudioBulbs can work with each base station, and you can separate the audio into two different zones and divide things up as you see fit. The dock contains a standard Apple iPod/iPad/iPhone connector, as well as an auxiliary port allowing you to connect many other audio sources. An included infrared remote controls both the music and light functions, and the bulbs contain a four-stage dimmer switch as well. The standard package includes two AudioBulbs and a base station for $299.95, and additional bulbs can be purchased for $99.95.

“AudioBulb solves the problem of easily playing music where you want by using something that can be found in every room: light sockets,” said GiiNii Vice President Ryan Giordano. “Typical audio systems – wired or wireless – can be hard to use, expensive to install, complicated to expand to additional rooms and usually require speakers that seldom match a room’s décor. AudioBulb’s design combines the best of music systems, wireless technology and standard light sockets for a truly innovative, attractive wireless music solution.”

There are also Mini AudioBulbs available, as well as a Subwoofer, all of which work with the dock. Each standard AudioBulb package includes two bulbs, a standalone base unit, a remote control, a lamp harp to secure a shade on smaller lamps, a lamp reflector shield to redirect the audio into a room instead of at the ceiling, an auxiliary in cable and a power cord.

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