CES 2012: PDP And Marvel Strike Again With New iPhone, iPad And Tablet Cases!

You may remember back in August when we talked about some awesome collector's edition iPhone and iPod Touch cases from the PDP and Marvel. The clip-on cases featured classic artwork from industry vets like Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane and now PDP has upped the ante with a ton of new Marvel gear for gadget lovers. This time around they've introduced new art styles and a line of tablet cases alongside the iPhone and iPod Touch protectors.

While the original line of PDP Marvel cases were strictly covered in classic Marvel comic book art the new additions feature new art styles like the cutesy Wolverine and Spider-Man seen above. There will also be a bunch of cases focusing on the upcoming Avengers film along with the shiny foil cases that were on display.

What we're most looking forward to are the new iPad and tablet accessories PDP had on display at the show. Marvel icons like the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man will be making appearances on a whole slew of tablet sleeves and they look great. Adding to their appeal is a very soft material on the inside that did a great job cleaning the finger smudges off my iPad screen.

PDP is also working on a sort of hybrid Smart Cover for iPad 2 that will provide the same simple stand while also adding protection for the back of our device. That's all well and good, but what makes this case so cool is the artwork. The back of each case will feature the cover of a certain book while the front of the case pulls a full page from that same title. The Spider-Man version they had on display looked amazing (see what I did there?) and we truly can't wait to see what other books PDP ends up pulling artwork from.

As with other Marvel cases from PDP, the iPhone and iPod Touch versions will probably set you back around $30 while the 10” tablet sleeves are set to land at $24.99. The full-wrap iPad 2 cover I've been drooling over is going to set us back about $49.99.

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