CES 2012: LG Goes Thin, Big, And Versatile

By Kevin Kelly

Bigger is always better when it comes to televisions, and at CES 2012 LG proved that it was no exception to the size game. But besides just going big, they are going brighter and thinner as well. Nothing was a better example of this than the introduction of their amazing 55" Super OLED television, which is only four millimeters thick and weighs only 16 pounds. A confident LG spokesman told me,"You could hang it on the wall with velcro!"

While I'm not sure I'd want to trust my extremely expensive electronics to the same material that held wallets and shoes closed in the 1980s, it is extremely light, incredibly thin, and it puts out a truly amazing picture. Using LG's new Cinema Screen design, the bezel around the screen is only one millimeter thick, and the contrast ratio is over 100,000,000 to 1, fifty times greater than LED/LCD panels. Of course, it also supports 3D.

“The OLED TV is the ultimate display device, a culmination of the sophisticated technological advances made by LG,” Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “This next-generation display will further strengthen LG’s position as a true leader and trend-setter of the home entertainment industry. It is the TV of dreams.”

While thin is definitely in, that doesn't mean that light is out. LG's 84" "Ultra Definition" television sports an enormous screen, but also weighs over 200 pounds. That's not going to hang easily on your wall with velcro. Ultra Definition televisions sport eight million pixels, making them four times the resolution of HD televisions. That's right, the TV industry wants you to buy a new television already. While there isn't much content at all being produced in Ultra Def, it's the Next Big Thing in television.

With new televisions also come new features, and LG's Smart TV sets include over 1200 applications, premium content, Adobe Flash, and HTML 5. They also sport a brand-new "Magic Remote" that supports voice commands, has a scroll wheel, and uses "Magic Gesture" motion control to help you navigate menus, all in a sporty, ergonomic package.

LG is also bringing Google TV to their televisions, which sport the Magic Remote with a QWERTY keyboard. The service has a slick interface and intuitive navigation, and this might be the year that Google TV actually catches on. It was easy to navigate YouTube videos and surf the web using the Magic Remote, and having that keyboard on the back of it made text input a snap. No more clicking to each letter, hitting enter, and repeating.

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