Dead Man's Run, Steed and Mrs. Peel, and Memorial: New Comics For 1/18/12

Who’s ready for more new comics? I know, it’s like they come out every week or something. Anyway, here’s what we’re looking forward to lifting our spirits during the Winter doldrums:

First up? Two more indie minded titles, before we get to the big boys. DEAD MAN'S RUN #1 from Greg Pak follows up on one of our favorite zero issues ever, as a bunch of hardcore marines invade the toughest prison ever… Hell. Yes, it sounds like a video game or high concept movie idea, and it is, as the comic is produced by Gale Anne Hurd who produced Walking Dead, the Terminator movies, and more. But trust Pak to make it quintessentially a comic, and a smart one at that.

We’re also really eager to read STEED AND MRS PEEL #1, Grant Morrison’s reworking of The Avengers (the TV show, not the comic). Yes, it’s a reprint, but I don’t believe we’ve ever gotten the mini in the States before, so paint me more excited than a multi-colored bear trying to control the weather.

Over at Marvel, its another Spider-Man/X-Men week (its like those franchises sell books or something), with the release of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678, AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #3, UNCANNY X-FORCE #20, and UNCANNY X-MEN #5. To save you a little time, here’s one phrase about why you should pick up each, in order: best superhero book on the stands; Spidey versus mole men; darkest book at Marvel gets a new reader friendly entry point; the Authority, but with Mutants.

Also, don’t miss DAREDEVIL #8, which concludes a gorgeous crossover with Spider-Man by Mark Waid and Emma Rios; LEGION OF MONSTERS #4, which has been a ridiculous monster-filled romp and finishes its run this week; and THUNDERBOLTS #169, which is one of the best structured comics on the stands.

Over at DC, we’ve got the publisher’s number one title, BATMAN #5. If you want to prep for the upcoming “Night of the Owls” crossover, now’s your chance. And just for the record, if Scott Snyder wasn’t writing the crap out of this book, I would just laugh and laugh at the idea of scary owls taking over Gotham, staring us to death and creepily turning their heads three-hundred-sixty degrees.

Also be sure to pick up what’s probably our second favorite title, BIRDS OF PREY #5, which continues to assemble the team against some of the spookiest, non-owl villains in comics. Plus, WONDER WOMAN #5 has snakes and clay! I’m really selling these books, aren’t I?

Okay, before we go, you might do well to check out MEMORIAL #2, which is like writer Chris Roberson’s riff on FABLES meets LOCKE & KEY. The first issue was intriguingly bizarre, so we’re curious to see what happens when number two picks up. From Image, you might want to check out CHEW #23, which continues the series’ chompy fun; and XENOHOLICS #4, the grossest book about alien invasions ever. But in a good way.

And that’s it! Hang in there, kitties, we’ll be out of the doldrums soon, and into the excitement of February comics. We can make it… Together!

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