CES 2012: The Future of Microsoft's Kinect

By Kevin Kelly

At CES 2012, motion control was one of the things that kept getting pushed by television manufacturers and more, and chances are high that motion and gesture-based control will be how we will interact with many of our devices in the future. That can all be traced back directly to the success of Microsoft's Kinect, but where does it go from here? Rather than informing the next generation of technology, we want to know what's next.

Want to step into your favorite television show and interact with the characters? That's what Microsoft wants you to do with Kinect and "Two Way TV". Initially aimed at children, viewers can interact with characters in Sesame Street, and step into National Geographic shows to interact with the environment. If this means I'll be able to step into Modern Family soon and to the lambada with Sofia Vergara, I'm all for it.

Waving your hands at your Xbox is one thing, but Microsoft wants to be sure that you also know all about the power of Kinect's voice control. It's the ultimate in convenience and lazy when you can just tell your Kinect what to do. From launching a movie, to browsing through music, it's all available from just the sound of your voice. Just worry about the day that Kinect begins hearing everything, and "Chopper, sic balls" from Stand By Me becomes a little too personal.

What's going to happen in future? Kinect will be coming to Windows starting on February 1, and it will also include the Kinect Commercial Kit that allows users to create their own commercial applications for the motion sensor. Want to build the perfect action figure animation program? A medical scanner? A device that helps you park your car properly in the garage? With over 18 million Kinect sensors sold, it's all up to you.

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