CES 2012: Polaroid Wants 3D Eyewear To Be Stylish And Sexy

By Kevin Kelly

At this year's CES Polaroid a new line of Premium 3D Vision glasses that use passive circular-polarized 3D technology, hoping to save people the embarrassment of being caught in chunky, boring 3D glasses. These glasses are curved, not flat, and have been designed for professional use as well. People that work with 3D images spend eight hours a day looking through these lenses, and who wants to look boring while they work?

The Professional 3D Eyewear line also includes two frames with interchangeable lenses, one set is 3D while the other set contains sunglass lenses. They also offer Dual Gaming glasses that split the image on a television into two signals so that both players wearing the glasses can see different images, cutting out the need for splitscreen gameplay. If you've ever had to share a screen with someone in Call of Duty 3: Modern Warfare, then you know how much it sucks to give up real estate on the screen.

“We are excited to showcase our latest 3D eyewear line at CES and look forward to showing consumers how attainable a high-quality 3D experience is whether in the movie theater, at work, or in the home, “ said Jerry Dreifuss, global marketing director at Polaroid Eyewear. “Polaroid Eyewear’s line features circular technology and fashionable frames, providing both the technology and style 3D fans have come to expect from Polaroid.”

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