Rob Liefeld Seizes Deathstroke, Hawkman, and Grifter

It looks like Rob Liefeld will be staying busy following yesterday’s cancellation of Hawk and Dove – beginning in May, the writer/artist will take over scripting duties for Hawkman and Grifter, as well Deathstroke, for which he’ll also provide art.

In an interview with DC’s The Source blog, Liefeld discussed plans to pit Deathstroke against Lobo (in what will be the intergalactic bounty hunter’s first New 52 appearance) and place Hawkman in “extreme gladiatorial combat” against extraterrestrial foes. Liefeld also teased the DCU introduction of popular Wildstorm character Deathblow in the continuing struggle against the Daemonite invasion in the pages of Grifter.

“It’s great to have Rob contributing to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 in such a major way,” DC Entertainment Executive Editor Eddie Berganza told The Source. “Rob’s always been seen as edgy, both within the comic book industry and by his fans. That’s a great vibe to bring to these particular books. We really want to push boundaries, and Rob’s the guy to do it.”

Artistic collaborators for Hawkman and Grifter have not been officially announced.

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