Prepare For Another Trip Down the 'Frankenhole' As Series 2 Premieres Next Week

Dino Stamatopoulos's stop-motion Adult Swim series will continue to show love for classic monsters, brand-new neuroses on January 22nd.

Mary Shelley's Frankenhole was one of the the most pleasant surprises of the last wave of new animated series on Adult Swim. I say "surprise" because the feeling of the show was so very different from that of creator Dino Stamatopoulos's previous effort, Moral Orel. Going into season two, I hope Frankenhole is able to maintain its unique charm as the series gets a little bit of a rejiggering based on input about the first season from Adult Swim as well as cast additions including Community creator Dan Harmon as Dr. Jekyll.

Here's Stamatopoulos on what to expect from next season from my interview:

Well, the second season is going to focus on Victor Frankenstein, who’s going to be a lot more domesticated, a little more vulnerable, with exactly the same amount of narcissism coursing through his immortal veins. The same with Elizabeth and their “adopted” son, the Creature, as he likes to be called, and a bunch of other idiots. They tackle very mortal problems, like “Who’s better, a man or a woman?” And “Who are your biological parents when you’re stitched together from cadavers?” Or “How can you destroy vampires when there’s a bunch of undead rights activists protecting them?” We’re doing a lot more sitcom-y stories, but in the crazy world of Frankenhole.

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