CES 2012: Vizio Shows Us Their New Cinema Wide, Ultra HD And V.I.A Plus TVs (video)

While their jump into the PC fray fray is probably the biggest news coming from Vizio at this year's CES, the company also has a bunch of new television options heading our way. Everything from Google TV-equipped sets to new Cinema Wide 21:9 HDTVs are on display at the Vizio showcase and we couldn't wait to check them out. Head past the break for all the details and some video interviews.

First we were introduced to Vizio's new V.I.A. Plus line-up. While some of you are probably familiar with the V.I.A. apps ecosystem found on many of Vizio's current HDTVs the new V.I.A. Plus takes it to whole new level by incorporating Google TV. All of the same apps Vizio customers have come to love will still be there, but now they have been seamlessly integrated with Google TV to produce some of the most versatile smart TVs we've seen. The new V.I.A Plus ecosystem will be available on Vizio's new 65-inch, 55-inch and 47-inch Theater 3D TVs along with their new VBR430 Blu-ray Player, VAP430 Stream Player and the upcoming 10" Vizio tablet.

The most exciting thing Vizio is showing off at the show are their new CinemaWide TruLED 21:9 aspect ratio HDTVs. You know those black bars that hang out on the top and bottom of you current widescreen TV when your watching a movie? Well, Vizio's new CinemaWide sets are going to do away with that problem once and for all, by scaling movies to fit the screen perfectly and show up just like they would at your local theater. What's even cooler is that we'll be able to watch current 16:9 HD programming and have the ability to pull up a web browser, for example, on one side of the screen without disrupting playback.

The 21:9 aspect ratio has a lot of potential and I would love to see Vizio get creative with it. Just imagine how fun it would be if we could sit and play along while we were watching Jeopardy, or have a conversation with other people watching the new episode of Jersey Shore. Even if it were something as simple as following a specific hashtag on Twitter this could bring a whole new level of social connectivity to our living room.

Release dates for the new CinemaWide TVs and the V.I.A Plus equipped products still haven't been announced, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as the info is revealed.

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