CES 2012: 50 Cent Launches New Headset Line

Street Over-Ear Headphones by 50

Street Over-Ear Headphones by 50
By Kevin Kelly

We're approaching a parity in the world of celebrities and audio products, where each and every one of them will have their own headphone line. Just at CES alone we've had new headphones and earbuds from Snooki, Ludcacris, and now 50 Cent is joining the fray with his Sync by 50 wireless headphone and Street by 50 wired headphone offerings from SMS Audio.

The Sync by 50 retail for $399.95, and the Street by 50 are priced at $299.95 and in a recent partnership with Feeding America, all of the online U.S. sales through the website will provide 250 meals to American families in need. That's a nice gesture from 50 for these pricy headphones, and we hope the other celebs in this space follow his lead.

Check out our full video interview with 50 Cent below -- and for more celebrity headphone coverage and looks at new gadgetry, stay tuned to MTV Geek's CES 2012 extravaganza!

CES 2012: 50 Cent Talks SMS Headphones

CES 2012: 50 Cent Feeds America

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