'Captain America and Hawkeye' Are The "Tango and Cash" of Marvel For Writer Cullen Bunn

Another day, another Next Big Thing phone call with Marvel! After plugging Rick Remender’s new Secret Avengers on Monday, and Walt Simonson’s arc on The Avengers on Tuesday, Wednesday kept “assembling” news about the Publisher’s premiere team, this time focusing on Captain America and Bucky... Or rather, Captain America and Hawkeye, as the title is renamed with issue #629.

Writer Cullen Bunn is taking over the reigns from departing writer Ed Brubaker, with an issue in April covered by artist Gabrielle Dell’otto and pencilled by Alessandro Vitti.

“The Cap and Bucky series was going to go through this change, where it wasn’t going to focus on Cap and Bucky in the past,” said Bunn. “They wanted to shake things up a bit, and have it with Captain America teaming with - in this case - Hawkeye. Hawkeye is one of the characters I loved the most, so I jumped all over that. The interesting thing about the series is that its going to be Captain America and Hawkeye, but its a rotating cast. So its Captain America and Hawkeye for four issues, and then its on to Captain America and a new character.”

Bunn also specified that the series will be arcs, interspersed with done in one issues. The first arc will be Cap and Hawkeye fighting a bunch of dinosaurs.

“I wanted to explore the relationship between the two characters, and how they see each other, how they handle these crazy situations they get into,” continued Bunn. “[Hawkeye]’s got that Robin Hood thing going on. He’s a rogue, he’s got a big personality, he’s a smart-ass... All those things are going to help him along. He’s a regular guy, only he’s the greatest archer in the world.”

Talking about the relationship between the two characters, Bunn said that they, “get under each other’s skin like nobody’s business. The way I get along with my brothers... I love them, but man can they get under my skin.” He said that he’s going to bring that sense to the book.

Moving to questions, Bunn would neither confirm nor deny the appearance of Devil Dinosaur or Stegron. “One of those characters may play a big role in the first arc.”

We then asked if this is more along the lines of the current Cap and Bucky series, or bigger action like, say, Avenging Spider-Man except Avenging Captain America.

“It’s definitely a different type of story than Cap and Bucky. It’s a high octane action story, a little more light hearted. I really want the stories to be a lot of fun. I’m almost done with the first arc, I’m going for a real superhero story in this one.”

Moving on to talk about other characters in the series, Black Widow will show up, and other familiar Cap flunkies, but there will also be other, non-Avengers related characters. The book will relate to the main series, but for the most part it should stand alone. “I want the book to have some relevance, and be important; but I also want it to be strong enough on its own that people can read this on its own.”

Bunn then chatted about fighting styles, and how when he’s writing he didn’t just want Hawkeye to shoot an arrow, or Cap to throw his shield, he wants it to be dynamic. He’s also interested in how the two work together.

Upcoming, Bunn joked that if he could do a Captain America and the Micronauts - or Enigma Force - team-up, it would be a dream come true. He also mentioned that he isn’t specifically following movie continuity, as he’s only seen what the rest of us have; but he thinks, based on what he has seen, it will be accessible for new readers.

The next arc, by the way, will be teaming up with Iron Man, and will not be drawn by Vitti, but the artist may come back later.

We then asked whether Hawkeye was the window character for Bunn, even though Cap is the title character. Bunn answered that, “I’m not sure that’s going to be the case with every arc... There may be situations depending on who Captain America is teaming up with, that Cap will be the window character. But with Hawkeye being in this arc, I think he’s the most relatable.”

He was then asked to give one word for each character, and joked that Cap and Hawkeye are, “Tango and Cash,” to much laughter from the attendees. "There you go, that's your title quote," joked Bunn.

Last question is whether there would be a Captain America and Venom team-up, and Bunn said, “Absolutely. I’d love to see that.”

Captain America and Hawkeye hits stands in April from Marvel Comics! Here's the full cover for your enjoyment:

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