CES 2012: Jersey Shore's Snooki Shows Off Her iHip Headphone Designs

Jersey Shore's Snooki, Nicole Polizzi, made a splash at the Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas yesterday, displaying shiny and bling-studded designs for her new line of headphones for iHip:

"Obviously I like to be tacky and I like to be gaudy," Polizzi told MTV Geek, showing off an animal-print pair of headphones.

"The good thing about iHip, which is why I decided to go with them, is that you can make it very sexy and awesome-looking, and they are also good quality -- so it has an awesome sound. Sometimes when you get headphones, it looks good but it doesn't sound good."

Lastly, we asked her if she too could be considered a Geek Girl, to which she responded: "I can be a geek and stuff like that. I love to edit and create movies on my Mac, so I can be a geek if I want to be!"

Check out the whole video below, and don’t miss Jersey Shore Thursday nights at 10PM only on MTV.

CES 2012: Snooki Gets iHip

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