CES 2012: Hands-On With Griffin's Missle-Launching Helo TC Assault

Back in the Fall Griffin Technology released an iOS controlled mini-helicopter known as the Helo TC.  At CES 2012 they've revealed a follow-up to that little flying machine dubbed the Helo TC Assault. It sports a new military-style design and will let you shoot your friends and co-workers with tiny plastic missles. We couldn't resist stopping by the Griffin booth to check it out.

This version works just the same as the original Helo TC, but now comes with support for Android devices alongside iOS devices (the original Helo TC supports Android now as well). To get things started the "Flight Deck" is attached to your mobile device and plugged into the headphone jack. Then you boot up the free flight app and your ready for lift-off.

I was able to take the new Helo TC Assault for a quick spin outside the Griffin booth and after a few kicks across the show floor it was up, up and away. One thing I noticed about controlling these little 'copters through a mobile device/dongle combo is that we're stuck with a bit of a delay. However, a little more practice could help to counter that.

The missle feature is pretty interesting and the way its laid out on the screen (I was using an iPad during the demo) is pretty cool. Just like the other controls, all you have to do is click the on-screen button and that sucker fires away. It can hold two missles at once and comes with total of six -- you know you're going to lose a few.

The Helo TC Assault will be available for about $60 this Spring and you'll be able to pick one up over at GriffinTechnology.com.

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