CES 2012: Roamz Makes Your Social Go Local

By Kevin Kelly

If you are caught full-on in the grip of social media, then you know that one of the biggest problems is sorting through all of the chaff. You might have to wade through 50 kitten photos before you give up just before you could have stumbled across a recommendation about a cool bar that just opened right by your apartment. Or maybe Seth Green is in the toy shop a block from where you're sitting, talking about his massive collection of M.A.S.K. toys.

That's where Roamz, a location-aware app from Australia, wants to step in and help out. The problem with Facebook, Twitter, and other services is that it can be difficult to find happenings or places that are local to you, and also contain things you might be interested in. Roamz begins figuring out what you like, based on your profiles, and learns as it goes, recommending nearby things that it thinks you might be interested in. Currently, it links with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare, pulling in content from those services based on your location.

Seeing as how CES is packed with social media savvy techies, I'm able to get updates like this one on In-N-Out Burger from Foursquare: "Even though this is f*cking Las Vegas, these guys close at 1 or 1:30AM." So, I know where not to go if I'm in the mood for a late-night burger fix.

You can download Roamz for free right now and give it a whirl on iOS devices, with plans for expansion coming soon.

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