CES 2012: M-Edge Provides Style And Protection For Your Beloved Gadgets

The M-Edge Recon Jacket

The M-Edge Recon Jacket
By Kevin Kelly

At one of my first booth visits at CES, someone handed me an iPad 2 with a bright green bumper around it. "Here, drop this on the ground." I explained that there was indeed an iPad inside of it, and that it was turned on and working fine. "That's right. Just throw that thing onto the ground." So, I complied while crying just a little bit on the inside.

Much to my surprise, it bounced back up off of the ground nearly to the height at which I'd dropped it, caromed around a bit, and came to rest perfectly unharmed. If only I'd had one of these for my last iPhone, it would have saved me a cracked screen.

The M-Edge SuperShell

The M-Edge SuperShell
That was the SuperShell from M-Edge, their kid-friendly iPad protector, which is just one of the many options they offer for the iPad, Kindle (Keyboard through Fire versions), Nook, iPhone and more. And while that SuperShell was in a garish "Atomic Green" color, their full range of covers spans from executive black leather, to fuzzy felt, to military canvas, a line of New Yorker covers, and more. You can even design your own cover with their MyEdge feature.

Personally, the Recon Jacket and Trench Runner series were my personal favorites as they look like government-issue military canvas and can allow you to pretend that your iPad is full of secret documents and that you're on a mission as the diplomatic envoy from Latveria. But, that's just me. There's something out there for every budding technophile who wants their gear to look good and be protected.

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