CES 2012: Feedair Streamlines Facebook And Twitter Feeds

The Las Vegas Convention Center floor isn't the only place to discover new, interesting technologies during CES. This year at the ShowStoppers event we stumbled across Feedair, a new ticker-style device that delivers your Twitter or Facebook feed to a classic LED display.

Feedair connects to your home or office network and delivers Facebook or Twitter updates in real-time. All you have to do is download the free Feedair app and set up whichever accounts you want the device to have access to. For instance, if you sync Feedair up with your Twitter account anything posted by one of the folks you follow will scroll across the screen. It's very simple and lets you stay connected without having to constantly check your smartphone or PC.

While staying up to date on social network happenings is great, that's not all Feedair has to offer. Other updates, such new emails, stock info and recent news can also be delivered to the device. All you have to do is pull up the accompanying app and tell Feedair what Vidget (visual widget) you want to use. There is also a developer program so anyone with a good idea can make their own Vidget.

Feedair won't be available until March of 2012, but when it does finally drop you'll be able to pick one up for about $50 over at the company's website, Feedair.com.

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