Two-Face To Split “Detective Comics” in Back-Ups

DC’s The Source blog followed yesterday’s Bat-announcement with news that Detective Comics will feature a secondary serial starring Two-Face.

The 10-page stories will be written by regular series writer/artist Tony Daniels with art by Penguin: Pain and Prejudice artist Szymon Kudranski. Daniels told The Source that he is “going deep into the character of Harvey Dent and the inner conflicts and demons he must confront” for the stories, which will begin with April’s issue #8.

Though speculated by some to be a lead-in to the May-slated “Night of the Owls” crossover, The Source clarified that the Detective Comics serial would instead “offer a unique look into Dent’s secret past and an in-depth examination of the monster he’s become.”

Batman writer Scott Snyder also confirmed via Twitter yesterday that “The backups in BATMAN will be totally & completely self-contained. They will NOT alternate w/DETECTIVE COMICS.”

No art from the features by Kudranski has yet been revealed, but fans can still enjoy Dent’s first appearance in the New 52 on the now-infamous last page of Batman: The Dark Knight #1:

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