The Bionic Woman Comic Power-Jumping To Comics In March

With the launch of Dynamite Entertainment’s The Bionic Man series, I’m sure fans thought it was only a matter of time before the Bionic Woman followed suit. Now starting in March the adventures of Jaime Sommers gets the comic book treatment, as The Bionic Woman hits stores with fan-favorite writer Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures, The Age Of Sentry) at the helm!

Running for three seasons between 1976 and 1978, The Bionic Woman TV series developed in some ways more of a cult following than that of the sci-fi heroine’s male counterpart. In the show Lindsay Wagner played a tennis pro whose life was saved by bionic implants after a skydiving accident. Not a lot of background on the comic book version of Jaime is revealed in the Dynamite press announcement, but apparently she is after a shady group of surgeons called “The Mission” who murder recipients of bionic prototypes.

"It's a big booming blast of a look at the woman behind the bionics," writer Tobin commented on the assignment, "…a chance for myself and Jaime Sommers to team up, cut loose, knock some things around and then high-five when the dust is still settling."

Joining Tobin on The Bionic Woman is Leno Carvalho, who also illustrated Dean Koontz’s Neverwhere for Dynamite. You can check out some of his preview art, as well as the cover for the first issue by Paul Renaud, below -- and pick up the first issue in March!

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