CES 2012: VIZIO Enters The Windows PC Market

Considering its already a crowded market we never really expected VIZIO to jump into the PC game, but the company predominantly known for their HDTVs has done just that with line of ultra-thin notebooks and slick all-in-one desktop PCs.

So why should we care about a VIZIO PC when there are already so many Windows machines available from countless manufacturers? Well, VIZIO is apparently approaching the idea of personal computer in a different way than other OEMs. First of all VIZIO PCs will sport a clean system image (no useless bloatware) optimized by Microsoft and their PCs will act as an extension of the current V.I.A (VIZIO Internet Apps) ecosystem the company has already implemented in their HDTVs, Blu-ray players and tablet.

"PCs are often associated with productivity and the workplace, routinely lacking the excitement that would be expected with what and how consumers want to use their PCs today – as an extension of their entertainment experience," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer. "VIZIO wanted to change that. Our new line of VIZIO PCs are truly high quality and consumer focused, delivering enhanced multimedia capabilities while upholding our high standards of performance, style and design."

By making entertainment the heart and soul of their new notebooks and desktops, VIZIO believes their take on the PC will change the way we think about computers. All the productivity power will still be there, but a focus on streaming video and giving consumers what they want outside of work could make a big difference. VIZIO is also known for their competitive pricing and with machines that look this good (and hopefully perform just as well) it could be a breath of fresh air for the cluttered PC market.

"We're excited to see VIZIO enter the PC market and the positive impact they will have on the Windows ecosystem," said Steven Guggenheimer, CVP OEM Division, Microsoft. "With their expertise in providing connected entertainment experiences and an innovative go-to-market approach, we look forward to working with VIZIO to bring premium consumer PCs to market."

The line will launch with a two all-in-one PCs along with 3 different notebooks. We'll be spending some time at the VIZIO booth today at CES and we'll be back with a video highlighting their new products. Be sure to keep an eye out for it as we'll most definitely be digging for some more info.

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