Advanced Recap: 'Robot Chicken' Hits Its 100th Episode This Sunday [Updated]

[Update: we've got word that on Friday, series co-creator Seth Green will be Skyping in at 4 PM ET for "Sexy Time" on You can submit questions to him over Twitter using the hashtag #robotchickenlove.]

Happy Syndication-ing, Seth and Matt!

It's strange to think that over the course of five seasons, Robot Chicken has kind of become the cornerstone for the sprawling mass of media projects that the Emmy-winning show's creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich has slowly and steadily been building over the last seven years. But there it is: a series seemingly made from the non-sequiturs from Family Guy done with toys, profane bursts of nostalgia built around 30-second bits.

Characterizing the show broadly, I'd say it's far more clever than it has been funny (although it has been very, very funny during the course of its run), and its strength lies in remixing and jumbling familiar elements for the sake of irony. I can't speak for the show's creators, but you often feel like they're having the most fun when they're rummaging through the proverbial toy chest and trying to figure out a way to pair a favorite cast-off toy from the mid-80's with a carefully-deployed shot to the junk, maybe ending with a gore gag.

So, it's kind of appropriate that this Sunday's 100th episode is essentially 11-minutes of drawing nostalgia for Robot Chicken itself, seemingly populated by every popular recurring character created during the series' run in an extended sequence that very nearly explodes the concept of the show and gives the unfortunate bird that gives the show its title some action. I won't spoil the setup for the bit that leads to the long-ish setpiece, but it has a weird feel of finality to it, as if the show ended after this episode, it wouldn't seem out of place.

To commemorate the milestone, Adult Swim and Robot Chicken have launched a neat five-day gimmick at where the show's creators have placed a robot and a chicken in a room together as a live streaming event. They've promised "guest appearances" throughout the week, so I can imagine some Robot Chicken alumni making their way into that motel room over the course of the week. Like everything else with the show, it might not be the height of comedy, but it sure promises to be very interesting.

Robot Chicken's 100th episode premieres Sunday, Jan. 15 at 11:30 p.m on Adult Swim.

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