Scarlet Spider, The Ray, and Dark Matter: New Comics For 1/11/12

Bad news, everybody: that resolution you made to spend less money on comics in the New Year? That goes down the drain this week, as the publishers launch some great books right at your wallet. Here’s our picks:

Marvel leads it off with a spider-centric week, including the debut of the brand new SCARLET SPIDER #1 by Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman. If you’re turned off by the Clone Saga, and ‘90s hoodie look, the team assures us that it’s a brand new SS… Ummm… That’s not how we meant that. Point being, we’re very interested to see how this book turned out, and whether its Xtreme, or just extreme.

There’s also a new issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #677, one of the two best superhero books Marvel is publishing (the other would be Daredevil), and CARNAGE USA #2, which continues the insane symbiote’s rampage through the heartland.

If you’re not into spiders, though, you might want to look to Marvel’s other marquee character as the clawed one celebrates a major milestone with the oversize WOLVERINE #300. And we’ve been digging writer Jason Aaron’s other Wolverine-centric book set at the Jean Grey School, WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #4. If you’re looking for something different – good different – give it a try. If you don’t like differences, though, you might be interested in the SS we mentioned… Oh, yipes. Never mind.

Oh, also, Deadpool has an all musical issue with DEADPOOL #49. If someone doesn’t have a live version on youTube by 12:05am on Wednesday, we give up on the Internet.

Over at DC, some of our favorite second-wave mini-series have new issues, including THE SHADE #4, which is the first “Times Past” issue of the maxi-series, and THE RAY #2, which continues the multi-racial adventures of DC’s most nude new superhero.

There’s also a fair amount of Bat-lady love, with BATGIRL #5 – which continues to improve after a shaky start – and BATWOMAN #5, which is one of the most gorgeous looking books on the stands, thanks to art from J.H. Williams III. And if that isn’t your style, there’s always GREEN LANTERN #5, which has the title characters teaming up with his greatest enemy: Hal Jordan. Wait, what? That’s basically the pitch right there.

Image has another ridiculously strong week, with the release of the superb SEVERED #6 (we’ve read it, and our heart was nearly beating out of our chest the whole time, no joke), and the equally excellent THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE #4 (our superpowered teen meets his General Zod, and he’s an a-hole named The Librarian). Both are worth your precious money and time.

Also worth your time? Two opposite books from Image, REED GUNTHER #7, which is darn near our favorite All-Ages book out there right now featuring a bear and a cowboy fighting the supernatural, and HEART #3, which has TV host Blair Butler pitting an MMA fighter against his own limitations. We haven’t read the former yet, but the latter is, well, heart-breaking, and this series is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

A couple of items worth your time: DARK MATTER #1, a cracking good new scifi series from one of Stargate’s writers (you can read our interview with him here); and ROGER LANGRIDGES SNARKED #4, which is our favorite all-ages book out there (take that, Reed Gunther! It’s a contest), and the closest you’re going to get to reading the Three Stooges in comic book form.

And that’s it! We’ll see you next week, when we break our resolution to never recommend comics again.

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